A Personal Injury Attorney Explains the Claims Process

A Personal injury attorney can be of great help when an individual needs to file a claim. The first step is to complete any treatment plan established by doctors, as the court will wish to ensure this is done. In the event treatment is ongoing, the attorney may still submit a demand package to the responsible parties. If they agree to the settlement, the claim is resolved. If not, a suit must be filed in the appropriate court to allow the case to go forward. What does each step of the process involve?

Opening a Claim

A claim must be opened before the process can begin. This claim needs to be filed with the injured party’s insurance company and the company for the responsible party. An attorney assists with this part of the process.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment must continue or be completed. As the treatment goes on, the attorney moves forward with the case. He or she conducts an investigation to back up any claims and build a case.

The Demand Package

A demand package outlines the facts of the case. It contains all information relating to the claim, including treatment records, a summary of lost wages, and more. The demand package details the compensation desired for the injuries and damages.

Claim Settlement

The other party may wish to settle once the demand package has been received. Many parties choose to settle at this time simply to avoid a trial. Nevertheless, a person shouldn’t accept less than the compensation requested in the demand package simply to end the process.

Liens Compromise

Liens may be placed against a party to collect any funds. The attorney handles these matters. He or she takes care of any compromise of lien claims when the case is settled.


In certain situations, the case moves to trial and is presented to a jury. The jury then determines the strength and validity of the case and the amount of compensation deserved. However, certain cases must go before an arbitrator instead of going to court, such as medical malpractice suits.

Contact an attorney today to learn more about the process. Don’t hesitate to file simply because you don’t understand the process. The attorney will answer any questions you have and ensure you feel comfortable before proceeding, as it is your life that is being addressed during the process.

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